This morning, we had to deal with one of our fans who had been ripped off by a scammer for a sum of money for tickets to one of our Manchester Events. 

Not only has this individual never been to a Lucha Forever event, but also never had ANY tickets for the event he was supposedly selling for. 

Now as much as we will always be quick to the point to help, we wanted to really just lay down the foundations to make sure this doesn't happen to anybody else in future. Not just our fans on our shows but any fans on any shows.

We won't be allowing any posts about re-sales of tickets moving forward unless these re-sales are done via Twickets. Twickets is a global leader of a safe fan-to-fan resale platform. One that allows a safe transaction between seller and buyer. We will be vigilant to make sure all of our community of fans follow this moving forward.

We won't let one complete knobhead spoil it for us, and the fan in question has been sorted and will be enjoying the show later this evening.

The individual who scammed this fan, we will be working on reporting the situation. 


Lovely sunny day for some #TuesdayNightGraps. Thank you.

Ryan :)