This morning, we had to deal with one of our fans who had been ripped off by a scammer for a sum of money for tickets to one of our Manchester Events. 

Not only has this individual never been to a Lucha Forever event, but also never had ANY tickets for the event he was supposedly selling for. 

Now as much as we will always be quick to the point to help, we wanted to really just lay down the foundations to make sure this doesn't happen to anybody else in future. Not just our fans on our shows but any fans on any shows.

We won't be allowing any posts about re-sales of tickets moving forward unless these re-sales are done via Twickets. Twickets is a global leader of a safe fan-to-fan resale platform. One that allows a safe transaction between seller and buyer. We will be vigilant to make sure all of our community of fans follow this moving forward.

We won't let one complete knobhead spoil it for us, and the fan in question has been sorted and will be enjoying the show later this evening.

The individual who scammed this fan, we will be working on reporting the situation. 


Lovely sunny day for some #TuesdayNightGraps. Thank you.

Ryan :)


Last night at Lucha Loco Uno, the door was wide open in the Golden Opportunity match, a match in which the winner can have a Championship match, anytime, anyplace, anywhere for the next 6 months.

We saw Eddie Dennis, Kip Sabian, Extra Talented, Jim Hunter & eventually Mark Haskins all step up for this unique opportunity.

It was Mark Haskins who took home the shot...but he went home with something else altogether. After a gruelling main event contest against Jigsaw, Mark Haskins called in his opportunity.

Travis Banks fought hard but eventually after an attack with a chair, we now have a NEW Lucha Forever Champion. His name is MARK HASKINS!!



Since our inception on April 17th, Deputy Dunne & Bea Priestley have had it out for eachother.

This war has raged on over 3 months, 8 shows and a plethora of moments in between. Last night at lucha loco Uno, you, the fans decided to vote them into a 3 Stages of Hell match. After a quick jump singles victory, a tapping officer of the law, NO DQ was all that was left, throughout Priestley fought hard, but eventually it was Dunne with help from a returning Lucha Forever star Alex Windsor a top rope assisted DDT onto a bed of thumbtacks that scored the win for No Funaaaah!

Bea Priestley's concerned boyfriend Lucha Forever star Will Ospreay made his way out to see to his defeated and broken spouse, greeted by Dunne wedging Bea's head between a steel chair and giving her one swift statement blow with another. 

Will Ospreay carried his near unconscious girlfriend out of the Union Hall...where does it go from here?

More on this as it comes to us.